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A hop removed from the main BC Ferries routes, Saturna is a year-round hideaway for visitors who arrive at Lyall Harbour either by a ferry transfer at Mayne Island or by floatplane. Almost half of the island is protected parkland, and that includes forest, oceanside parks and Brown Ridge’s see-forever views. Art studios, a pub and a general store provide diversions, as do the orcas swimming past the East Point lighthouse. Boats pack into Winter Cove for the island’s famous Canada Day Lamb Barbecue.

Saturna Island Through the eyes of the travellers

Things to do on Saturna Island

  • The most serene, least populated of the southern Gulf Islands is home to such natural refuges as Mount Warburton Pike, Navarez Bay, Taylor Point, Winter Cove and East Point.
  • Saturna’s relaxed vacation to-do list includes tours of art studios and galleries, wilderness hikes, picnics by the sea and shopping at the summer Saturday market.
  • The island’s celebrated Canada Day Lamb Barbecue at Winter Cove is held annually on July 1.
  • Bring a kite on visits to East Point’s 1880s-era light station and Fog Alarm Building (within which is the Saturna Heritage Centre). This beautiful, wind-blown spot with its wave-sculpted sandstone cliffs is widely known as Canada’s premier land-based whale-watching site thanks to passing pods of orcas./li>