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Responsible Wildlife Viewing on Northern Vancouver Island

For many, the allure of visiting Northern Vancouver Island rests on its incredible wildlife viewing opportunities. And it’s true there are many. Tours take you into remote and wildlife-rich areas, like the Broughton Archipelago, and Knight Inlet, where grizzly and black bears roam the lush temperate rainforest. In Alert Bay, eagles swoop and soar looking

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5 Must-See Nature & Wildlife Tours On Vancouver Island

On Vancouver Island, we’re always talking about exploring, seeing, doing, and experiencing. Because of the region’s profound natural beauty and hearty outdoor culture, almost any outdoor activity can be considered a nature tour, whether it’s a road trip up the coast, backpacking a secluded trail, walking along the waterfront, or spending a few hours in

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Vancouver Island To Be First Seagull Watching Destination

Vancouver Island is a wildlife viewing mecca, a bucket list destination for anyone eager to catch the spray of a whale’s blow, spot a bear combing the beach, or take a photo of the legendary bald eagle. These are the hallmark critters of Vancouver Island, the ambassadors that represent the complex and stunning ecosystem of

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Ebb & Flow – Vancouver Island Wildlife Migrations

An Island destination for a different kind of traveller, Vancouver Island is home to migrating wildlife at different parts of the year. While some like to escape frigid temperatures, and enjoy our temperate winters, others head south as we chill in winter. Year round, the Island is abundant with food sources, and the changing conditions

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