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5 Outdoor Adventures In The Land, Lakes & Sky of Port Alberni

Port Alberni is the outdoor adventure hub of Vancouver Island and draws thrill-seeking visitors from across the globe. Port Alberni’s natural playground includes its land, lakes, and sky, and even the most daring individuals can find ways to push their limits. To find out more about the exciting outdoor adventures that await, we had a

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Discover the West Coast’s Extraordinary Broken Group Islands

Just off the West Coast of British Columbia, islands with magnificent trees, white sand beaches, and an abundance of wildlife wait for anyone adventurous enough to discover them. The enchanting Broken Group Islands consist of more than a hundred independent islands, scattered throughout the calmest waters of the Pacific Ocean. There’s only one perfect way

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Travelling Mindfully In Tofino: How To Live Like A Local

Photo courtesy of Destination BC/Graeme Owsianski The secret’s out: Tofino‘s beauty is awe-inspiring. A powerful Pacific Ocean smashes into a peninsula of long, sandy beaches, while a backdrop of a dense coastal rainforest decorates towering mountain peaks. It’s an extremely fragile environment and protecting this ecosystem is intrinsic to Tofino’s culture, both past and present: the

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The Ultimate Guide to Storm Watching in Ucluelet, BC

The ocean—wild and calm, powerful and alluring—has long been a source of fascination and mystery. And there is no better place in British Columbia to understand this than on the west coast of Vancouver Island. From November to March the coastline comes alive when huge storms whip across the Pacific. These winter tempests enchant locals

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Explore the elements that Vancouver Island has to offer: