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5 Boat-Access Campsites You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Photo credit: Destination BC/Boomer Jerritt It’s summertime, which means camping spots on Vancouver Island are a hot commodity. If you have access to a kayak, canoe or powerboat, ditch the wheels and check out these five camping spots that are still under the radar. Don’t worry if you don’t own a boat- we’ll tell you

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A primer on overlanding: a backcountry experience on Vancouver Island

Road trips consistently come up in conversations around planning a Vancouver Island vacation. Whether a traveller is looking to rent a car or van and experience our highways for the first time, or Island residents pack up to make a cross Island adventure, road trips are one of the best ways of seeing different communities

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All You Need To Know About the North Coast Trail

Looking for a new backpacking trail to challenge you this year? We’re putting the spotlight on the North Coast Trail, a multi-day hike located on the northernmost tip of Vancouver Island. The 58-kilometre trek, which meanders through old growth coastal rainforest, upland bog, across expansive white sand beaches and around culturally significant historical relics, has

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Vancouver Island’s Newest Camp Site: Croteau Lake

Are the first signs of spring getting you excited to plan your summer getaways? If you’re anything like us you’re already planning summer escapes: new hikes to tick off, peaks to summit, and camping spots to check out. One campsite worth putting on your list is BC Parks’ newest group campsite at Croteau Lake in

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3 Ways To Cook During A Campfire Ban

With the sunny hot days we’ve been having across BC, the province has implemented fire restrictions, and in most cases bans. The ban includes most of Vancouver Island, and while in previous years the fog zone may have been an exception to the bans, this zone no longer exists, which means the coastal areas will

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