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Top 9 of 2018 – Blog Round Up

The posts you need to read for 2019

Last year, over 191,000 users explored the site to find places to stay, info on how to get here, and our top tips for everything from hiking to dining. This year, you can get the ball rolling on your next set of travel plans by explore the most visited posts on the site. There’s something for everyone, and if you’re still a little stuck, definitely take the Regions Quiz.

Vancouver Island Road Trips

With four routes of winding roads and scenic stops, Vancouver Island road trips are the classic vacation that continue to drive folks from one end of the Island to the other.

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Boardwalk Trails on Vancouver Island

Why are there so many boardwalk trails on Vancouver Island? Vancouver Island is covered in a dense temperate rainforest, and if you’ve ever tried making your way through it, you know to stick to trails and paths.

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3 Ways to Cook During a Campfire Ban

There’s no need to worry about how you’ll cook up your campfire treats while camping on Vancouver Island during a campfire ban; we’ve put together a couple of cooking alternatives that will not only yield some delicious eats, but keep our campgrounds and forests safe.

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7 Food & Drink Festivals

Fall is the time to feast on Vancouver Island, and the regions have a cornucopia of events for you to reap the benefits of autumn.

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Wheelchair Accessible Trails on Vancouver Island

Despite ranging terrain and a dense forest, Vancouver Island is home to a long list of accessible trails, making it easy for anyone with mobility concerns to take in the many elements.

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4 Tips for First Time Hikers

If you’re new to hiking, or have never trekked Vancouver Island, this your guide to hitting the trails.

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A Guide to Lesser Known Facts about VI Wildlife

We’ve compiled some wildlife fun facts to prep you for your travels to the Island, to dispel a few myths and to make you sound like a wildlife pro!

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Top 10 Things Within One Hour of CR

Within one hour of the city of Campbell River there’s enough to do to keep you happily busy for over a week. The city and surrounding area are a snap to reach, especially with lots of direct flights on major airlines to Comox, a short 45 minute drive away.

Picture by Leigh Mcadams

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Hiking & Wildlife Viewing on Galiano Island

With only a couple of days on Galiano Island, travel writer Lori Henry explores dining, wildlife, and hiking in the Gulf Islands.

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